January 18, 2013

Natural Eyebrow Tutorial

Hello Lovely ladies,

I finally got a chance to make a new tutorial!! yay!! I'm so excited :)

I've been asked to do an eyebrow tutorial so many times and here it is. The products I use are very inexpensive. I use E.L.F cream eyeliner that's only $3 at Target! I bought this for my eyebrows because I went to my local mac counter to purchase a Fluidline for my eyebrows since I see so many people using that for their eyebrows on Instagram. When I asked the girl at the counter for it, she told me that they will be coming out with brow products (and they just did). But I still wanted to try a gel for my eyebrows since I had just finished the last of my Anastasia brow kit. So I went to Target and noticed E.L.F had the cream eyeliner and for $3, why not? And to my pleasant surprise, I loved it!
I've been using it for about  a month or so and I really like it! The only con is that it dries really fast. Once you get the product on your brush, you have to apply it fast!
So here it is! Hope you all like it! :)

xoxo Ashley

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