November 20, 2013

My skin care routine :)

So this year I turned the big 3-0 and I can honestly say that I have never been one to take care if my skin :( And sadly I am paying for it now.
This year I noticed so many changes in my skin texture, appearance & elasticity. 
So these days I definitely invest a little more time to try and repair what I can without any drastic measures. 

Remove all makeup/oil/dirt before you scrub. I clean my face with Cetaphil daily cleanser. Rinse and PAT my skin dry. (Another thing I don't do is fall asleep with a dirty face)

I add a small amount of Clarisonic pore cleanser to the Clarisonic devise and cleanse every part of my face including my neck. Rinse and pat dry. 

STEP 3: 
I pump 2 pumps of my retintol cream in my hands and rub all over my face avoiding my eyes.

STEP 4: 
I pump one pump of the eye serum onto the tip of my index finger & dab it onto my other index finger & rub from both of my eye lids to under my eyes in a "C" like motion. 

This has been my routine every night for the past month and I have noticed such a change in my skin. Smaller pores, smoother skin & reduced fine lines. 

Hope this helps for those who have asked! Xoxo


  1. I love Cetaphil! It's the only thing I can use for my Roscea - I combine it with a little bit of baking soda into order to exfoliate since anything else will cause my skin to flare up.

    1. I'll remember that if I ever get irritations :) Thanks for reading!!