May 27, 2014

DIY Vanity Mirror with lights

Hey ladies,
So if you follow me on IG or my Facebook page then you have probably seen the photo of my vanity setup that my boyfriend put together for me. So I wanted to share with all of you, how we set it up. Now before I begin, you might want someone to help you who is electrically inclined (for the wiring part).

What you will need: 
•A mirror of your choice (I got mine from Ross for only $30)
•2- Vanity lights. One for each side of the mirror (I purchased mine at Home Depot for $15 each & they are the 4 bulb ones)
•2- Inexpensive extension cords (the lights don't come ready to plug in, this is where the person with electrical knowledge comes in. These will be connected to the wires on the lights)
•8 Globe light bulbs for the lights (daylight bulbs are ideal but pricey)
•Electric drill
•Wire cutters
•A leveler 
•Nails for hanging
•A power strip with a switch (optional)

So first he found the studs, marked and measured where everything would go.
He then drilled the holes where the screws would go to hang the mirror. (The mirror is somewhat heavy so you want to be sure it goes into the wood studs as opposed to just drywall. If you anchor it to the drywall only, it may not be secure enough)
Then we hung the mirror and made sure it was level.

He then took apart the light fixtures, hung them and made sure it was ground correctly. Then he took the wire cutters and stripped the plastic off if the end of the wire from the light fixtures and cut the end of the extension cords off (cut off the part that you plug things into). He then connected the positive with positive wire and the negative with negative.

Now since we didn't want to put a big hole in the wall to connect the wire to the main electricity (which these lights are designed for) he snipped 2 slits into the metal at the bottoms of each fixture just big enough for the cord to fit so the light would be flush against the wall. 
Then he put the fixture back together and screwed the bulbs in (try not to touch the bulbs with your hands directly as the oils can mess up the bulbs) 
We then plugged the lights into the power strip and voila! We opted for the power strip with the switch so it's easier to turn on and off. 

So here's before: 
And after:
I hope this helps you!

Xo Ashley

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  1. looks very nice :)