May 12, 2014

The hair dairies

So today is day 1 of a series I'm starting on my blog all about my hair & growth.

Last July I cut my hair up to my shoulders simply because of the damage and uneven length among other things. Since I've cut my hair, it has BARELY grown :(
So I decided to try something that I've heard through family and friends and also on pinterest. I purchased Castor Oil. And today was finally the day I actually applied it to my hair. I poured a little onto my finger tips, rubbed them together to warm it up and rubbed into my scalp all over. So now I will be doing this treatment once a week and documenting the (possible) growth and thickness of my hair.

I know that at some point after having a baby (which I did last July) your hair tends to fall out A LOT. And it seems as though my hair did. I now have a ton of baby hair & short hairs growing all over my head (grrrrr at those darn fly aways).

So here is my hair on July 20th, 2013.

Here is my hair on October 3rd, 2013 (the only time I've cut it since)

And here is my hair today

Not much of a difference I know. 
So I'm giving this castor oil method a shot & documenting :)
Hope this helps.. I really miss my long hair :(


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