October 12, 2015

Fashionably LE$$: Fall Boots, EmilyAnnGemma Feature

I've been so into my Poshmark (See previous post) and into fashion blogs lately.
One of my favorite fashion bloggers is @EmilyAnnGemma on Instagram and her blog is The Sweetest Thing

She just posted this look that I absolutely LOVE:

See her full blog post HERE

I especially love these boots!! The boots she's wearing are Gucci and gorgeous.. but for $1,500 I could buy so much makeup/clothes/shoes..
So I got my weekly JustFab email and saw the most identical boots for much less..

The Gucci boots:

The more affordable boots from JustFab:

See the great deal I found at Here!

I swear finding great deals and the exact same things for less is so addicting to me.. I have a problem.. lol

xoxo Ashley

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