October 14, 2015

Transitional Wardrobe: Summer to Fall, The Penny Closet Feature

I have been following The Penny Closet for sometime now on Instagram @thepennycloset_ for sometime now and have have always admired her unique style and the way she elevates the most unlikely pieces. Her eccentric style definitely shows her individuality and sets her apart from most fashion bloggers (in my opinion). I follow Latina Bloggers Connect on Facebook and she was featured a while back, which is how I found her.

Now for the shoes.. She posted this photo on Instagram yesterday:
 How cute is this outfit?? And these shoes?? I instantly looked for them online to purchase.. Her tag was for but they were sold out! But I did, however, find them at (being the deal search-aholic that I am). They're called "Gossip"
Here are the ones I purchased:
Use her coupon code: XOCLAUDIAFG for extra savings!
I can't wait to get these!!

Check out her Blog and check out all the different ways she's styled these babies

 xoxo Ashley

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