March 8, 2018

Spring & Gingham

So today is #InternationalWomensDay & what better day than to step out of my comfort zone and do something I've been want to do for the longest time.. I did a mini photoshoot with an #ootd !!! I'm firing on all cylinders.. don't know if that's a good or bad thing but I'm gonna try :)

I had some spare time this morning since I didn't have to be at work until about noon.. I got up & made my babies some breakfast.. got my little one ready and took him to preschool (I love when I have mornings to do this). I came home, quickly ate avocado toast with egg, jumped in the shower and got ready as fast as I could.. I did some basic makeup since I knew I was going to wear sunglasses :) I got my outfit together, grabbed my tripod & camera and jumped in the car. I've been eyeballing some areas near my house so I kinda knew where I wanted to shoot. I got out there and luckily no one was in sight. I set up my camera in several spots & snapped away. I had to use my phone to snap the photo with the Sony app, so please excuse seeing my phone in the photos lol.. Here they are...

Gingham off-the-shoulder top: Forever 21
Tough Luck Jeans: Fashion Nova
Caged Stiletto Heels: Forever 21
Tassel Drop Earrings: Forever 21
Red Patent Leather Clutch: Forever 21 (no longer available)

xoxo, Ashley

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