March 6, 2018

We All Grow 2018!

I'm sad that this is my first post of 2018. I really did plan on doing more on here.. but life happened.
I started a new job and my schedule has totally changed. The good thing though is that I've been able to make time to do some makeup looks. My idea is to get back into the swing of doing my hair and makeup, thus doing new videos. I'm going to recap some makeup looks but first, I'm going to start with go going over my past weekend at the We All Grow Summit 2018.

I've gone to this summit back in 2016 and a friend of mine, Xenia, introduced me to this organization.  It's an amazing opportunity to connect with other women, obtain strategies to maximize the potential of your blog or brand. Also, you meet so many amazing women and it's okay to randomly strike up conversations with strangers.. that was the best part for me.. meeting and making new friends. I signed up to volunteer and I did the same this year. And as a volunteer, I still get all the benefits of purchasing a ticket (aside from a few hours to help register or helping with break out sessions).

Day 1: Field Trips
I was lucky enough to attend a field trip to the Facebook/Instagram headquarters which was awesome! I arrived at Hotel Maya at around 7 am to make sure I'm there on time for the 7:30 departure. I sit down and the sweetest girl sits next to me.. Nicole of Lipstick & Brunch. We arrive and head into the inconspicuous building
We give our ID's and get badges to enter.. we go in groups of 10 and walk into a cafeteria style room with a wall that doubles as a large TV screen. We head towards the conference room and are greeted with some breakfast (I got the delicious avocado toast) & coffee. We all head into the conference room and go around saying our name and where we are from. I was lucky enough to hear "Fresno" from across the room. And was even more lucky to be picked with one of the other girls from Fresno so we hung out for most of the visit. We toured the studio and took lots of photos.
We got tons of information on what's happening with the future of Facebook. We also got insight on how to get ourselves out there and maximize the potential of our pages.
We got some tutorials on cool things to do on our Instagram stories..

We also got some cool swag...

So around 2pm, we left and headed back to the hotel to get ready for the big Neutrogena Fashion Show! It was freezing cold but so much fun!!!

Day 2: We did a Neutrogena Master Class!
This was awesome.. We arrived and had mirrors that lit up with a makeup bag full of makeup!! It was so informative.. Even for someone who's been doing my own makeup for years.
After the class (it was raining) we ran over to another area which featured FIERCE by Mitu. They had the cutest areas for photo ops..

I also met Angela Aviles from the movie Mi Vida Loca.. and she was the sweetest person ever!

Day 3: Workshops & Sessions (gonna try and wrap this up)
Woke up & head over to the pavillion where breakfast was provided by CA Strawberries.. so so delicious!! I was so happy to run into my girl DulceCandy.. I remember when I first started my YouTube channel.. her and I connected because she was from Oxnard, CA and at the time, I was living in Oxnard (my mom is from Oxnard and I've been there probably half my life, visiting family). So I was super excited to see her!
Later that night I had a wonderful dinner with my new beautiful friends.. Nathaly, Amanda, Selene & Reyna 💕  We ate at the cutest place.. Saint and Second
The food was delicious!!

Day 4: Wellness Day.. Last Day!
This was the last day of the Summit.. I had to do some volunteer work for a little while in the morning but was still able to enjoy the Aveeno area.. we had s'mores and got some goodies from Aveeno.. 

I also had the best Cafe de olla 

That pretty much wraps up my WAG18... there were so many amazing breakout sessions.. amazing women.. I can't wait until next year!

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